Dr. Fisher has offered HIPAA-compliant teletherapy for years. However, this is now a more popular treatment option for those with concerns related to the current Corona-Virus crisis.

Teletherapy sessions are conducted in a very similar manner as in-person appointments. First, please call Dr. Fisher if you are an existing patient, and you want to convert your in-person appointment to a teletherapy appointment. Next, you will “check-in” to Dr. Fisher’s virtual, online patient wait room at the date and time of your scheduled teletherapy appointment. There are no plug-ins or software to install and require no special computer configurations! You simply need a internet connection and an internet browser; you can conduct your teletherapy session on any device that meets these requirements (mobile phone, laptop computer, desktop computer, etc.). It is that simple! Once your are “checked-in,” Dr. Fisher will meet with you online approximately 10 minutes after your scheduled start time (i.e., treatment sessions last 50 minutes). You can see and hear one another just like an in-person appointment.

Teletherapy is also an option for new patients, but with a little more work. New patients will need to complete the new patient paperwork, and then find a way to deliver the new patient paperwork to Dr. Fisher; you can mail, fax, or hand-deliver your paperwork. Dr. Fisher is currently working on a digital solution to accomplish this completely online in the near future. You can also request to become a new patient online (currently, you will still need to complete the new patient paperwork as instructed above).

Important to note: Please insure that you conduct your session in a private setting to maintain your confidentiality; obviously, Dr. Fisher does not have full control of your privacy when you are not at his office, and you will need to insure that others are not listening to your session. Dr. Fisher will, of course, conduct your session in his private office. Please know that these sessions are fully HIPAA-compliant, and your session video is never saved.

Please call our office if you have any questions or concerns. Dr. Fisher looks forward to serving your mental health needs during this CoronaVirus crisis.