Freespira-LogoThe Freespira Breathing system is an FDA-approved device that is prescribed for the treatment of panic disorder (“panic attacks” or “anxiety attacks”). Freespira is essentially “breathing retraining” through biofeedback techniques. This clinically proven at-home treatment focuses on a key physiological component (carbon dioxide) of panic attacks. Researchers have shown that individuals prone to panic attacks may breath differently than those who do not experience panic attacks; in short, panic attack suffers may have maladaptive breathing patterns that lead to carbon dioxide imbalances, which in turn lead to panic “symptoms,” such as dizziness, tingling, and shortness of breath. The patient learns how to normalize exhaled carbon dioxide levels and breathing rhythms over four weeks of at-home training (two 17-minute sessions per day); Freespira includes a handheld tablet computer with the Freespira Application and a highly precise sensor that measures breathing rate and the level of exhaled carbon dioxide in each breath. Freespira has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in several clinical studies. Some patients may experience reduced or eliminated panic symptoms and panic attacks in as little as two weeks.

Dr. Fisher’s treatment program requires an initial evaluation (typically one appointment), one appointment to demonstrate proper breathing techniques and how to use the software/device, and then four brief weekly meetings (approximately 15 minutes) with Dr. Fisher while the patient uses the device. Dr. Fisher reviews each breathing session, and then provides feedback and guidance on how to maximize results. Appointments can be conveniently scheduled as a HIPPA compliant teletherapy session, phone meeting, or in-person meeting.

Please feel free to download this brochure for additional, important information, including details on the clinical studies. You can also learn more about this treatment at the manufacture’s website, Freespira.

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