Dr. Christopher Fisher is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Corpus Christi, Tx. He is trained in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Health Psychology / Behavioral Medicine. Dr. Fisher offers a range of psychological assessments and treatments for those who live in the South Texas area. He works closely with patients to meet their mental health and wellness goals.

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Christopher Fisher, PhD is a Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified in Neurofeedback (BCIA). His educational background includes training in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine. He adapts a biopsychosocial approach to psychological assessment and treatment and works closely with patients to achieve treatment goals.

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Behavioral Medicine

Dr. Fisher offers behavioral medicine services for physicians and their patients. Behavioral medicine is an integrated approach to healthcare that recognizes the impact of psychological factors in physical health. Physicians typically refer patients for behavioral medicine after limited response to front-line medical treatments or to assess behavioral limitations to physical recovery.

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The Team

Mallory Arnold

Mallory can assist you with most anything, including scheduling, payments, and policies.

Christopher Fisher, PhD

Dr. Christopher Fisher is a Clinical Psychologist.

Norma Trejo

Insurance Claims
Norma can answer most questions about your mental health insurance policy.

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