Below are answers to common patient questions.

Does Dr. Fisher accept insurance for payment of psychological services?

Only cash payments are accepted. Upon request, Dr. Fisher’s staff will provide the patient with relevant invoices with diagnostic codes that a patient may submit to their insurance company for potential out-of-network benefit payments. However, no guarantee is made that the patient will be reimbursed by their insurance company for all or part of the amount paid for our services. It is our experience that many patients will be reimbursed for part of the treatment cost given that their insurance covers mental health and provides out-of-network benefits. The patient is responsible for submitting all paperwork related to out-of-network claims, though we do our very best to help with this process.

Why does Dr. Fisher not accept insurance?

Dr. Fisher strongly believes that cash-based services provide the very best approach to psychological treatment. Cash-based services emphasize the doctor-patient relationship and removes layers of “middlemen” (health insurance pre-approvals, health review boards, government paid administrators, etc.) that can hinder or limit the healthcare process. Although this ultimately may be more costly for the patient, cash-based services allow Dr. Fisher and his patients to work closely together and to utilize treatments that they see fit regardless of in insurance’s opinion about treatment necessity. Insurance companies may limit the treatment type, treatment length, and treatment cost whether or not the treatment is in the patient’s best interest. Some treatments, such as neurofeedback, are covered by few, if any, insurance companies; thus, neurofeedback is a cash-based service for nearly all patients even if they have health insurance. An additional advantage of cash-based services is that patients can typically get  an appointment with Dr. Fisher more quickly, often without waiting weeks or a month or longer  – this factor alone explains why some patients with health insurance opt to pay cash for their treatments. Thus, cash-based psychological services can be the best option for patients are in crisis (i.e., need fast assistance and support) or simply do not want be inconvenienced with long wait times.

Does Dr. Fisher Accept Medicare/Medicaid?

Only cash payments are accepted. As required by law, patients who are covered by Medicare/Medicaid and want to see Dr. Fisher for cash-based psychological services must complete a separate contract (this is required by federal law).

What Psychological Services Does Dr. Fisher Offer?

Please see this webpage for patient-related psychological services: https://www.christopherfisherphd.com/psychological-services/

Please see this webpage for behavioral medicine services for patients of physicians: https://www.christopherfisherphd.com/behavioral-medicine-services-for-physicians/

Where Can I find Out More About Dr. Fisher’s Background and Training?

Please visit Dr. Fisher’s About webpage.

Where Is Dr. Fisher’ Contact Information?

You can find contact information, including address and phone number, here.

What Are Dr. Fisher’s Business Hours?

Hour are by appointment only. Please visit the Contact page for business hours.

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