The news media recently announced an impending “stay-at-home” order for Corpus Christi residents with regard to the Corona Virus. Please know that, as a doctor’s office, we are exempt from these stay-at-home orders. As such, we currently plan to be available for in-person patient appointments during regular business hours. Our chairs are sprayed with an anti-virus/anti-bacterial spray each day, and we have anti-virus/anti-bacterial cleaner available for your to wipe your seat prior to use, if desired.

If you have concerns about travel during this time, you may still meet with Dr. Fisher via HIPAA compliant teletherapy. You simply need a device with a microphone and camera (most modern mobile phones and laptops have these). You do NOT need to install anything for the teletherapy session – you need an internet browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and an internet connection. An additional option is a telephone appointment.

Please call our office to let us know if you need to change your in-person appointment to a teletherapy or telephone appointment.