Evening Hour Appointments Now Available

Dr. Fisher recently announced new availability of evening hours appointments. Many patients have expressed interest in appointments after 5:00PM due to work or school demands. Dr. Fisher previously scheduled his last patient at 4:00PM (to end 5:00PM). Patients now have the option to schedule appointments at 5:00PM or 6:00PM. Dr. Fisher will modify his morning schedule to account for these later hours. Please see the new hours availability summary below.

Patients who anticipate that they will need an evening hours appointment are encouraged to contact us quickly as these time slots are expected to fill quickly.

Please know that this is “test run” to see how this new schedule works for Dr. Fisher and his patients. Thus, future schedule changes may be made, and will be announced in the news section.

As always, Dr. Fisher will try to accommodate all patients’ schedules when possible so please contact us to discuss your specific scheduling needs.

Updated Business Hours
Mon – Wed: 10:00AM – 7:00PM (last appointment at 6:00PM)
Thu – Fri: Generally not available but contact us with your specific needs.