Stop Smoking Group Therapy (Mondays, Morning)

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Date(s) – 20 Feb 2012 until 23 Apr 2012
8:30 AM – 9:45 AM

Christopher Fisher, PhD, PC


General Information

Stop Smoking Group Therapy is designed to help you quit smoking through evidenced-based, behavioral treatment approaches. This group starts on February 20, 2012 and meets every Monday from 8:30am to 9:45am for a total 10 sessions (once per week). This is a closed group, which means that you must join the group by the start date (no one can join once it starts). Please contact us as soon as possible if you plan to attend as the number of participants is limited. Dr. Fisher conducts a brief phone interview with all new participants to determine if group therapy will best suit their needs.

Treatment Cost

The cost of the Stop Smoking Group Therapy is $30 per session (total cost is $300 for 10 meetings). Participants are expected to attend all 10 meetings, and no discount is given for missed meetings. This is done to help motivate participants to attend each meeting. Weekly attendance is essential to success as important new steps are integrated each week! Insurance is not accepted or needed as the cost of each session is similar to a typical insurance copay. Some insurance companies may reimburse you for part of the treatment cost (through out-of-network coverage/benefits), though we cannot guarantee this as each insurance company has unique rules for out-of-network coverage. At your request, we will provide an invoice with appropriate diagnostic codes and treatment verification that you can submit to your insurance company.

Group Structure/Format

The format of Stop Smoking Group Therapy assumes that each participant still uses tobacco at Session 1; thus, you are not expected to quit tobacco before group therapy. Much time is spent in the first three sessions discussing the best approaches to quitting, setting a quit date, and development of strategies to remain abstinent from nicotine. For those who may have quit before group started, even the early meetings are likely beneficial as there is important information about successful quitting and abstinence discussed at every meeting; moreover, you may also benefit from the support and encouragement that you receive from other group members. “Homework” is always given after each meeting, and extensive handouts are provided for further home study.

Below is a condensed schedule of events for each week. These are adapted and modified as needed by the group.

Session 1
Why Quit?
The Tobacco Triangle
Review Nicotine Replacement Medications

Session 2
Behavioral Modification
Use of Prescription Medications in the Quit Attempt
Preparing to Quit

Session 3
Quit Date
Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Session 4
Overcoming Urges and Cravings
Tobacco Use and Stress

Session 5
Relaxation Training
Relapse Prevention

Session 6
Exercise and Nutrition
Relapse Prevention

Session 7
Stress Management and Healthy Thinking
Relapse Prevention

Session 8
Stress Management and Healthy Thinking
Relapse Prevention

Session 9
Assertive Communication
Relapse Prevention

Session 10
Wrap Up
Relapse Prevention

Please contact us as soon as possible if you plan to attend as group sizes are limited.

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